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September 27, 2010

Unlimited Social Media Websites with IntelBuilder Website Platform

September 27, 2010 — Vesta Digital announced today that their IntelBuilder Website platform now offers the ability to create unlimited social media websites for one flat monthly fee. IntelBuilder Website Platform integrates all aspects of online marketing tools and brings them into a single easier-to-manage Web-based application.

As Vesta Digital says, social media can do a lot to increase a company’s audience and awareness. It’s all about building and tapping into the specific industries and communities that fit a target audience. Successful social marketing isn’t always as simple as installing a set of apps and regular Facebook updates. A lot of companies rush into blogging by creating a Blog on a free, 3rd-party service instead of integrating it into their existing sites. Social media is a long-term process and, therefore, should be one of the primary structural components of the website, not an add-on.

As Artem Gassan, president and CEO of Vesta Digital, points out, “Having your company Website should be a core business tool that builds trust; social media efforts with clearly defined objectives help complete the picture.”

IntelBuilder solutions are, according to the company, designed to be both easy to use and robust,  to meet the needs of any business. The platform is offered at a competitive price and it’s flexible and scalable, to offer additional functionality. It’s billed as a turnkey solution that offers businesses a platform to manage a Website, publish content, maintain a blog that’s part of the Website, and distribute content across many social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger and WordPress.

According to the company, the visibility and exposure of your content increases over 200% using their system. The unlimited Websites feature of the IntelBuilder platform also enables users to create as many websites as needed while paying one flat monthly fee.


A tool like this, coming out for use by serious businesses, provides a clear indication that marketing is indeed moving into the realm of social networking and social publishing in a big way.

I checked it out and the sites they create look great. Very professional. But — the price is a bit above what the startup entrepreneur might be willing to pay, starting with a $1,000 setup fee, then $200 to $350 per month for using the platform. This is very reasonable, compared to what you would pay a Web designer to set up a similar custom commercial Website, then pay a Web marketing company to handle your social media and SEO for you…but you do need to pay it twice. The Website and new social media components are treated as separate products/services, making the final price to get it all considerably higher.

You do usually get what you pay for…and this looks really nice for existing businesses with a budget for marketing who want to keep their online marketing efforts in-house and effective. Check it out if this is you. You should probably just get rolling with a WordPress blog and social media accounts if you’re just starting out, however, despite their advice to the contrary.

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