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“Time Bombs” — Introduction

Time Bombs — Taming The Triggers That Direct Your Destiny

by “Uncle” Alan R. Bechtold


This is my first book since Will Work For Fun – 3 Simple Steps To Turning Any Hobby Or Interest Into Cash was released, in 2008. It’s been a long time coming, but I had to be in the “right place,” mentally, before I could start putting down the words.

The entire book is an experiment. I’ll be publishing each chapter, in sections, here on my  Information Publishing and Marketing Portal.

I’m going to be writing much of the book as you’re reading it … so you’ll actually get to watch it grow as it unfurls before you in the Portal. And — because it’s appearing on a blog — you’ll also be able to provide feedback and suggestions, asking about things you’d like to know more about along the way or even suggesting new directions to explore as the book develops.

I think what I have in store for you will spur a lot of feedback, not necessarily all of it pleasant.

I’m braced for it. It’s time for some hard truths to come forward…truths about how you’ve got yourself where you are now.

What you are about to read is too important for me to let a bit of controversy stop me at this point. You need this cautionary tale of determination over the odds, great success, and, eventually, seeing through the fog that covered much of the excess and greed running rampant everywhere in the industry where I’d once decided to settle in and make a name for myself.

I hope to illustrate through the experiences I’ll share some traps and pitfalls I failed to avoid. You’ll be able to see the thinking that went on in my own mind as I was busy making literally millions of dollars in sales with my own business, living a dream-come-true life (very likely a dream you’ve had from time to time), ignoring massive moral dilemmas I saw all around me in the industry I was benefitting from.

It was those moral dilemmas that, eventually, drove me to step away from a very lucrative line of work I enjoyed, with near-devastating effects.


There’s great friendship, too. And, again, a caution — about what business can sometimes to do friendships. And relatives. And people you meet on the street. And IRS agents. And…

All this plus a whole lot of love and laughs.

I’m hoping you see your own dreams and aspirations in a completely different way after reading what I have to say. I plan to introduce you to a whole new attitude and approach to your life, with some controls over what happens that you might never have known you had before.

And it’s all about the time bombs all along your personal timeline. Their triggers are set to go off over time, or all at once later on.

Everyone has things that blow up in their lives. Sometimes several times in a day. You’re on your way to work. The car overheats. You’re already late and get hit by another car on the road while waiting for the tow-truck. Now your car is totaled and…the boss just called to tell you you’re fired, because you just missed the most important meeting of the year.

Those kinds of blow-ups.

There are also explosions of massive proportion that go on and on for months – sometimes even years — until they feel like you’re living inside a massive nuclear reaction that’s feeding on itself and will just keep going until the 32,000-or-whatever)-year half-life is reached.

I’ll have at least a couple of those in here somewhere as well.

But — they’re also not all bad. Some of life’s little “time bombs” are fantastic. Like “found” money you didn’t know was coming, the job of your dreams “falling in your lap.”

That sort of fun stuff.

And, if you trace back carefully, you can sometimes find the exact point where this time bomb or that one was “set,” and the ticking started. The trigger is, of course, that one “thing” (whatever that thing is — an incident, a thought, a mindset adjustment, a horrible accident…it can really be anything) that set other things in motion that brought about the later explosion – good or bad – in your life.

They’re all planted somewhere along your lifeline, with effects that could be years coming or almost instant.

If you’re aware of them – you can sometimes literally hear them ticking. You can even learn to track them down and disarm them. Or, sometimes, you can plant another time bomb that will, effectively, counteract the bad effects of the one you’ve just discovered.

But – I’m getting waaaaay ahead of myself.

This will all actually almost make sense as we get more into my story, the nitty-gritty behind-the-scenes real-life tale of a guy who hit it rich by surprise (or was it) … and how it affected every facet of his life, good and bad.

It’s an expose. There’s no other way it could go. My intention isn’t to harm any individual. I can’t possibly tell you more than how the actions, activities and results I saw played out, and how they appeared to me and affected me.

I’m no mind-reader, after all.

To compensate for my missing ability to delve into minds, I’ve also decided to paint this picture for you with some slightly broader strokes, stirring a bit of fictionalization into the process. This will allow me to better show you what was going on in certain situations where, in fact, I’ve only begun to uncover all of it myself. It’ll also allow me to liven it all up a bit from time to time.

If you already know me and my life, you’ll maybe figure out (or think you’ve figured out) who and what I’m talking about. If you don’t … it won’t matter. The impact of the tale I have to tell will be the same either way.

But…where do I begin?

Sometimes, the beginning’s a nice place to start…

I started out writing and publishing in the third grade. At the tender age of 8, I was scribbling out news stories about my teacher and classmates. Then I dictated them to my mom, who would type them up into a newsletter so the teacher could read the newsletter to the class each week.

Should I start there?

Maybe I should tell you about my experiences as a house husband, raising two kids and loving every minute of it. I felt so … John Lennon and everything. I was bucking society at the time, a stay-at-home dad who wrote and published small newsletters here and there while sharpening my craft.

That could be a good starting point, too.

Or … I could start with the first real computer I ever bought. The Osborne 1 “luggable” — one of the first-ever truly portable personal computers.

Or — I could start with the first time I checked my bank balance and it had hit a balance of more than $100,000 cash. More money than I’d ever seen at one time in one place anywhere.



9 comments to “Time Bombs” — Introduction

  • Wow, ‘Uncle’ Alan

    Time-Bombs … I Can relate. Had a Few of those, especially within the last couple of decades. Divorce, Dad dying & moving Mom cross country; a couple of Whiplash injuries [the last with MTBI] prompting an Immediate Change of career. “What a Long Strange Trip it’s been” Glad to be getting Back ON the Track and Moving again. Because I believe I’ve got Lots of Time Left AND Plenty to Do.

    I Look forward to whatever you’ll have to share Because it’s Bound to Be … Interesting.

    • Happy to see you “get it,” Jim. Unfortunately, most of us just react after they go off. I’m hoping to help everyone get a better handle on HOW they are set and how to possibly start planting your OWN “good” Time Bombs in their place. You know — kind of like when firefighters set a fire to STOP a fire.

  • Masterful Alan,

    I am hooked already and can’t wait for more…keep it coming and don’t make me yell “uncle” ;-}

    Mark Edward Brown

    • Mark — Ohhhhhhh just wait, my friend. Just wait! There’s so much more…I can almost guarantee you it’s not only going to help anyone reading it but I’m also hoping it has some very desirable effects on the marketing industry as a whole. The cool thing is, if it ever gets too slow or disappoints, you can actually TELL the author while it’s being written and watch it change.

  • What fun we are going to have reading along with your story. Thank you for sharing it with us. We learn so much from you. This will be another learning time.

    • Dan and Deanna — it’s going to be fun, I guarantee you. And I hope it helps set you two on a RAPID-FIRE path to the life you always wanted! If NOTHING else, the price is certainly right, huh?

  • Lee Eric Lockhart

    Ok. I’m in. Uncle Alan is a fitting title from my point of view. Gonna start reading and maybe I’ll grow some balls with my plans that I’m too scared to invest in. I’ve had some “Time Bombs”. Maybe I can turn the next one into a trigger. Thanks for sharing.

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