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Local Publishing for Profit

by Uncle Alan

Everything you know about publishing online can be turned into ready cash by applying your skills to helping local businesses.

Online marketers have been yammering about local business marketing for the past couple of years now. Most are going about it all wrong, but they’re essentially right when they tell you that local businesses need your help and they’re more than willing to pay you for it – if it works.

Because of all the chatter – including dozens of courses being sold by several well-meaning but misinformed marketers – local businesses are now receiving postcards, phone calls and emails from people offering to elevate their SEO and super-charge their online marketing.

It’s become an entirely new kind of spam.

But, there’s something your local businesses do need that few if any are offering them – something you can provide them and they’ll happily pay you handsomely:


Did you think I was going to say “goldfish?”

As a publisher, you know how to put information together in a way that informs and entertains, stories that would be of interest to the prospects and customers of any business. Stories that would help local businesses attract prospects, build a list, and increase sales.

There are tons of private label rights products on the subject of pet care.

Want to help a pet shop? There are tons of private label rights products on the subject of pet care. Get some. Re-write them and put them on their Website. Or put together a free e-book they can use to sign up prospects on their list.

Beauty salons could use articles, blog posts and e-books about the effects of quality shampoos and treatments on hair – or the potential risks of doing your own perm at home.

You could interview a mechanic about the importance of routine maintenance. Or a heating and air conditioning professional about the importance of cleaning your ductwork and keeping your equipment in tip-top shape.

Publish the transcripts for them.

This is the kind of real-world help that can take businesses beyond their competition and they’ll gladly reward you for that kind of help.

Want to take it to the next step? Once you’ve published for one pet shop – why not offer similar published materials to dozens? Why not publish a newsletter that beauty salons all over the country could make their own?

The possibilities are endless and you as a publisher hold the key. Turn it into cash and you’ve got a business!

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