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You — The Next Larry King?


by Uncle Alan

It’s easier today than ever before.

When I was a kid, we had three local TV stations. It was a big deal when a PBS station opened up, giving us another viewing option. My dad put a huge antenna with a rotator and signal reception booster on the roof, so we could pick up six more stations from Kansas City, about 60 miles from Topeka.

Two of those six Kansas City stations were independents. They played re-runs and old movies, like cable super stations do today. The other four were affiliated with the same “big three” networks and PBS. They usually played the same shows we got on the local stations during regular programming hours – with a fuzzier picture.

At night, . . . → Read More: You — The Next Larry King?

Give To Get


by Uncle Alan

I recently posted here about sharpening your writing. Ink-U-Bator Forum Guest Expert Yvonne Lyon took me to task in the forum. Yvonne pointed out that you should always write to a fifth-grade level, so she generally gets her thoughts down when it comes to blog posts.

This is correct, of course. I also pointed out in the post that writing sharper, more concise and more grammatically correct should always be secondary to getting the message out, however you have to do it. Diving into The Elements of Style, using your grammar checker with your spell checker and enlisting the aid of reluctant friends and neighbors to read what you’ve written out loud before your final edit are all extra steps I recommend, . . . → Read More: Give To Get

Tierx Promises A “Social Media Revolution”

Tierx by Valushine promises a "social media revolution."

by Uncle Alan

Once the exclusive realm of a handful of computer geeks, over the last five years social media networks have been transformed into an Internet phenomenon with hundreds of millions of members.

Businesses across the globe are aware of the potential inherent in these networks to connect with customers, but few have been able to take full advantage of the ever-growing databases belonging to Websites like Facebook and Twitter.

A new product, developed by Israel’s online marketing service provider Valueshine (, is set to revolutionize the way social media is utilized by the corporate world.

Valueshine’s Tier-x software enables companies to turn every customer into a business partner, generating their own profits through the power of social media networking.

These partners are able . . . → Read More: Tierx Promises A “Social Media Revolution”

What’s Next — FaceBank?

The new Facebook application for person-to-person financial transactions certainly stresses safety.

by Uncle Alan

Principals at a company called Top Line Ventures, Incorporated have announced the impending release of a FaceBook application known as The Vault. According to the company, The Vault is designed to transmit electronic funds between socially connected individuals and their demand banking accounts.

The new Facebook application for person-to-person financial transactions certainly stresses safety.

In a release about The Vault, the company says its new service is designed with the social media platforms’ characteristics and resources in mind, and takes advantage of the party’s relationship status, accessibility, data sharing and secure identifications, to make sending and receiving funds fast, safe and convenient.

I can see possibilities for this taking off. Choosing FaceBook to launch into first certainly reaches a gigantic potential . . . → Read More: What’s Next — FaceBank?

September 27, 2010


Unlimited Social Media Websites with IntelBuilder Website Platform

September 27, 2010 — Vesta Digital announced today that their IntelBuilder Website platform now offers the ability to create unlimited social media websites for one flat monthly fee. IntelBuilder Website Platform integrates all aspects of online marketing tools and brings them into a single easier-to-manage Web-based application.

As Vesta Digital says, social media can do a lot to increase a company’s audience and awareness. It’s all about building and tapping into the specific industries and communities that fit a target audience. Successful social marketing isn’t always as simple as installing a set of apps and regular Facebook updates. A lot of companies rush into blogging by creating a Blog on a free, 3rd-party service instead of integrating . . . → Read More: September 27, 2010

So Easy It’s Truly EZ!


by Uncle Alan

Publishing today involves more than just written words and the occasional photo or graphic. The beauty of modern publishing is that you can also include audio and video, slide shows and photo galleries on your blog or Web-based publications.

You can even insert multi-media files directly into PDF versions of e-books.

Either way, you also need a way to store your media online and stream your media when people access it. This is especially problematic when you have videos you want to restrict to a certain membership level…or bonuses you only want to make available after a purchase.

There are a number of widgets and plug-ins for blogs and Websites that make it easy to put slide shows and photo galleries online. . . . → Read More: So Easy It’s Truly EZ!

Socrates Revealed…

Micheal Savoie Header

A Review, by Micheal Savoie “Uncle” Alan’s Info-Publishing and Marketing Portal  staff editor

Joel Comm doesn’t allow any product to leave his company until it meets certain criteria. First, it must be something he would use himself. Second, it must be simple to use. Third, it must satisfy a need in the marketplace. That explains why his newest product has become very popular in the blogging community.

Socrates, named after Joel’s dog, is a WordPress Theme designed to help marketers make money from their own content. After years of being the guy who taught the world about Adsense, Joel needed to create something that would help bloggers replace some of the revenue that was starting to slip away from their Adsense accounts.

As . . . → Read More: Socrates Revealed…