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Private Label RENTAL: The Verdict


First, I’d like to apologize for the extended recess on this case. I intentionally let the case remain open longer than usual because I knew the product in question isn’t being actively promoted at the level of current “big launch” products. As a result, I also knew it might take more time to get people who had been exposed to the offer to find this case and respond.

Apparently, I was right. Most of the jury feedback came in several days following posting of this case and an additional nudge to all my lists as a reminder from me.

Then, my office got hit with a computer failure that set everything back more than a week, moving and restoring files and getting the stuff we . . . → Read More: Private Label RENTAL: The Verdict

Private Label Rental?

Private Label Rental

Media Court Case #MC112610

by Uncle “Judge” Alan

This case involves the licensing terms for a private label rights membership that’s been online and operating for a number of years now. The “offender” in question is well known by anyone following the Internet marketing industry, precisely because he’s an aggressive marketer with an interesting history that turns out to be quite a success story.

I’m almost certain I’ve never met Cody Moya – but I certainly do recognize a much-younger-than-he-is-today photo he uses on his Websites, reminding me of the movie “Eraserhead” every time I see it.

I've never met Cody personally, but I hear he's a very tall very affable guy.

From what I understand, Cody had to overcome some major challenges to . . . → Read More: Private Label Rental?