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Stop Buying Bullshit!


– Break Free of the “Internet Marketing Rip-Off Machine” NOW! –

by “Uncle” Alan R. Bechtold

If you listen to 90% of the Internet marketing “gurus” online today, you’d think Google makes destroying small innovative businesses their priority. As I read their sales letters, watch their videos or listen to their teleseminars, I can almost feel the specter of the almighty Google beast hovering over me, giant pillow in its huge green hands, ready to smother any sign of marketing genius I might exhibit before it’s had a chance to breathe its first breath.

You can almost feel the specter of the almighty Google beast hovering over you, giant pillow in its huge green hands.

They’re lying. They want to frighten you and lying . . . → Read More: Stop Buying Bullshit!

Media Court Docket: Next?

Media Court docket

by Uncle “Judge” Alan

Let’s face it. We’ve had some fun in the Media Court already, even though there have only been two sessions so far. I’m still feeling my way around in the ol’ Uncle “Judge” Alan robes, but I’m starting to get used to it.

We’ve learned along the way. My original plan to include examples of excellence and missing the mark has been pretty much dismissed, if you’ll pardon the less-than-subtle pun. It’s clear we’ll all get a lot more value out of featuring cases of bad behavior and let the chips fall where they may.

Help me fill up the Info-Publishing and Marketing Portal Media Court Docket

But it’s a lot of work finding a good case, investigating it, prepping . . . → Read More: Media Court Docket: Next?

Combine Social Media and Web Optimization to Maximize Returns

"Our 2010 research shows that 58 percent of initial b-to-b inquiries are Web driven, so our projected increase to 71 percent in 2015 simply can’t be ignored."

by Uncle Alan

Three predictions:

Reality shows will eventually replace all of scripted TV; Every film will eventually be a sequel or based on a TV program most young moviegoers have never heard of; and By 2015, more than 70 percent of initial business-to-business (b-to-b) inquiries will be generated on the Web.

While avid followers of TV and cinematic trends might make a case for the veracity of 1 and 2, “3” is an actual prediction by SiriusDecisions, based on the leading global business-to-business sales and marketing research and advisory company’s extensive research.

The prediction by SiriusDecisions is particularly noteworthy because the Web is increasingly leveraged by prospects through each stage of the buying process. However, SiriusDecisions has found that WCO is most effective in . . . → Read More: Combine Social Media and Web Optimization to Maximize Returns

“Target Perfect” — The Verdict

Target Perfectus Verdict

Let’s bring this court to order. It’s time to hear my verdict in Media Court case MC110510, Target Perfect.

As you might remember, the current case we’re examining involves the sales Website for Your Ultimate Side Income! The result of a recent collaboration between popular Internet marketers Erik Stafford and Ross Goldberg, Your Ultimate Side Income is a step-by-step plan to easily and quickly launch a lot of Websites, knowing little or nothing about how to do it before you start, and get them each pulling in sales automatically. Even though each site might typically pull in a relatively small amount of revenue, it’s automatic revenue, so it keeps coming in. You just focus on building them until you have all the revenue you want.

. . . → Read More: “Target Perfect” — The Verdict

Two Minds: Target Perfect

Target Perfectus

OK, OK. Let’s bring this court to order. Today’s case presents a recent example of what to do to succeed online these days.

The Ultimate Side Income is a great example of targeting an offer.

First you need a great product, positioned for the right market. Then you need to determine a price that makes sense, considering current economic conditions, and market conditions. Then you have to write copy that fits right into the conversation already going on in the minds of your target market today.

For this case, we’re looking at the sales page for a product that fits all the above, in my opinion. The product was created by two very good friends of mine – Ross Goldberg and Erik Stafford. If . . . → Read More: Two Minds: Target Perfect

The End of IM Seminars?


by Uncle Alan R.  Bechtold

I feel it’s my duty to prepare you for this post. I’m certain it’s going to turn into a full-blown rant, and pull a marketer I truly respect into the rant in the process. I can’t ever discuss the topic of Internet marketing seminars these days without it turning into a rant, and I do blame this guy for being part of the problem, so…brace yourselves.

I personally know Armand Morin and respect him a lot. The guy’s a super-talented, brilliant marketing genius. I model him and his tactics often (except for singing country western, which I’ve chosen to leave to Armand) — and I’ve added literally tens of thousands of dollars to my bottom line doing so. The guy . . . → Read More: The End of IM Seminars?

Network Marketing and Web 2.0


by Uncle Alan R. Bechtold

I really wanted to make this a rant – but I just can’t seem to turn it into one.

I’ve never been a big fan of network marketing. I’ve dipped into a few of them over the years, selecting companies carefully and working their plans, so I am speaking with experience when I say I could start out with a tirade against all the total sham operators who launch network marketing companies with a single purpose in mind — raking as much spillage (non-payable commissions distributors fail to qualify for due to a variety of stupid company-imposed hurdles to getting them) off the table as they can while it lasts.

That approach would certainly make this sound more like a . . . → Read More: Network Marketing and Web 2.0

Affiliate/Joint Venture Marketing and the FTC


NOTE FROM UNCLE ALAN: This piece puts a nice finishing touch on an ongoing discussion we’ve been carrying on here, through several posts…all started with a Webinar.

Check out Kris Chrisman’s two previous excellent, much deeper examinations of the issues raised by the Webinar and recent rulings here:

Then you’ll be ready for this, the final piece of the puzzle, wrapping up two points left hanging a bit previously:

Affiliate/Joint Venture Marketing and the FTC

by Kris Chrisman

In my previous two-part post, I mentioned two terms that most of you know well. Realizing the varied marketing experience of our readership, I wanted to provide those of you new to the concept links that expand on the two terms.

The terms were Affiliate . . . → Read More: Affiliate/Joint Venture Marketing and the FTC

Taming MORE Rules


Note from Uncle Alan: This is Part 2 of a complete re-visitation of the new FTC rules that were handed down in December of 2009. The new rules have had enough impact that I conducted a live Webinar that I lovingly called Total Transparency Marketing, During that Webinar, I went through some of the most important new rules for marketers from the FTC and from the credit card companies, looking specifically at turning the required new disclosures and disclaimers into sales-escalating pluses.

You can read the original post here:

Info-publishing and Marketing Portal (IMP) Staff Editor Kris Chrisman then stepped up to the plate, to present us with an overview of the important points not covered as thoroughly as I wanted to during the . . . → Read More: Taming MORE Rules

Content Is the Lifeblood Of the Internet


by Robert Imbriale

If you’ve been involved in marketing of any kind over the last two decades, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “content is King.” Marketers, successful marketers, live by that mantra. When I look at the Internet, what I really see are two things. There is the content and then there are the applications that allow you to interact with the content.

To completely over-simplify things, the applications are what make it possible for us to create, share, and use the content we find on the Internet. So, to say content is King, you’d have to also say that the applications are Queen, in order to have a more complete view of the Internet. There are all kinds of  applications — from . . . → Read More: Content Is the Lifeblood Of the Internet