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Ten Truths You MUST Know

I hope this report opens your eyes and puts you on the right path to success.

by Uncle Alan

I don’t think I’m the only person on earth who feels like the “Internet marketing” industry has hit the crapper.

Don’t get me wrong. Internet marketing is the bomb. It’s the most effective way to reach the largest audience of potential buyers there is. If you know what you’re doing, you can launch or build any business or sell anything you might want online.

Sadly, the industry has been heading into the tubes for quite a while now and no one seems willing to talk about the real reasons why – or what can be done to avoid falling over the edge with it.

I hope this report opens your eyes and puts you on the right path to success.

I . . . → Read More: Ten Truths You MUST Know

Forum Power


by “Uncle” Alan R. Bechtold

Launching a forum is great way to kick some life into any Website or blog. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in or what you sell — or if you sell at all – a forum will allow your audience to interact with one another in a way your blog simply can’t.

Your audience is seeking a community. Even if your entire goal is publishing free advertiser-supported information, the key to all marketing, moving forward, is creating a community around your product, service or free online publication. It simply doesn’t matter. If you want to build your audience, I suggest you provide them a forum.

It took me a long time to realize this aspect of social publishing. I came . . . → Read More: Forum Power


Media Court Missing Logic

By Uncle Alan

I think another Media Court case is long overdue, don’t you?

I’ve got one here that I’ve been sitting on during the holiday break. It’s time to bring it forward.

The email came from reknowned marketing expert Anik Singal.

Some time in late December of 2010, I received the following email from Anik Singal. Anik’s a sharp marketer. He’s responsible for developing some of the most powerful affiliate marketing training on the planet and he’s been hugely successful.

I know the guy personally and like him.

Naturally, I opened up the e-mail. It read:


Hey Alan, I have got some exciting news! About an year ago, Ritoban C approached me with this Amazing strategy he calls “Profit Instruments.” I . . . → Read More: LOGIC GAP

Private Label RENTAL: The Verdict


First, I’d like to apologize for the extended recess on this case. I intentionally let the case remain open longer than usual because I knew the product in question isn’t being actively promoted at the level of current “big launch” products. As a result, I also knew it might take more time to get people who had been exposed to the offer to find this case and respond.

Apparently, I was right. Most of the jury feedback came in several days following posting of this case and an additional nudge to all my lists as a reminder from me.

Then, my office got hit with a computer failure that set everything back more than a week, moving and restoring files and getting the stuff we . . . → Read More: Private Label RENTAL: The Verdict

Wikki Wonka and the Treason Factory


by Uncle Alan

A lot of people have asked me what I think about the whole WikiLeaks flap. You know – the Website that’s pouring out sensitive government information left and right.

Since I’ve pretty much made online publishing my life and WikiLeaks is a very loud example of stretching the limits of freedom of the press, it stands to reason I might have an opinion.

First, the patriot in me wonders how what WikiLeaks is doing is any different than what any foreign spy would be found guilty of treason for doing. The one major difference is that WikiLeaks is releasing sensitive secret information to the entire world – not just tattling to a single enemy willing to pay the most money.

WikiLeaks . . . → Read More: Wikki Wonka and the Treason Factory

Media Court Docket: Next?

Media Court docket

by Uncle “Judge” Alan

Let’s face it. We’ve had some fun in the Media Court already, even though there have only been two sessions so far. I’m still feeling my way around in the ol’ Uncle “Judge” Alan robes, but I’m starting to get used to it.

We’ve learned along the way. My original plan to include examples of excellence and missing the mark has been pretty much dismissed, if you’ll pardon the less-than-subtle pun. It’s clear we’ll all get a lot more value out of featuring cases of bad behavior and let the chips fall where they may.

Help me fill up the Info-Publishing and Marketing Portal Media Court Docket

But it’s a lot of work finding a good case, investigating it, prepping . . . → Read More: Media Court Docket: Next?

Affiliate/Joint Venture Marketing and the FTC


NOTE FROM UNCLE ALAN: This piece puts a nice finishing touch on an ongoing discussion we’ve been carrying on here, through several posts…all started with a Webinar.

Check out Kris Chrisman’s two previous excellent, much deeper examinations of the issues raised by the Webinar and recent rulings here:

Then you’ll be ready for this, the final piece of the puzzle, wrapping up two points left hanging a bit previously:

Affiliate/Joint Venture Marketing and the FTC

by Kris Chrisman

In my previous two-part post, I mentioned two terms that most of you know well. Realizing the varied marketing experience of our readership, I wanted to provide those of you new to the concept links that expand on the two terms.

The terms were Affiliate . . . → Read More: Affiliate/Joint Venture Marketing and the FTC

Taming MORE Rules


Note from Uncle Alan: This is Part 2 of a complete re-visitation of the new FTC rules that were handed down in December of 2009. The new rules have had enough impact that I conducted a live Webinar that I lovingly called Total Transparency Marketing, During that Webinar, I went through some of the most important new rules for marketers from the FTC and from the credit card companies, looking specifically at turning the required new disclosures and disclaimers into sales-escalating pluses.

You can read the original post here:

Info-publishing and Marketing Portal (IMP) Staff Editor Kris Chrisman then stepped up to the plate, to present us with an overview of the important points not covered as thoroughly as I wanted to during the . . . → Read More: Taming MORE Rules

Taming the Rules

ftc rules revisited 1

by Kris Chrisman

Note from Uncle Alan: During my Total Transparency Marketing Webinar, I went through some of the most important new rules for marketers from the FTC and from the credit card companies for their merchants as well. The purpose of the discussion was to look specifically at turning the required new disclosures and disclaimers, and the new rules of conduct in general, into pluses.

In that Webinar I was, in effect, taking lemons and turning them into lemonade wherever possible.

Then I heard from a lot of you that you wanted some more overview of the new rules themselves. You were asking for more explanation, suggestions for complying in your marketing materials.

I firmly believe, as you’ll soon discover hanging here in the . . . → Read More: Taming the Rules

Michel Fortin Covers His Butt…


by Uncle Alan

In the wake of new FTC rules and even tougher new credit card merchant rules to follow, you have to think about covering your butt as a marketer even more than ever. One shining light shows us the way, covering his own arse so well I had to — pardon the pun — pull back the covers and make sure you see this for yourself.

Michel Fortin is a noted business strategist and he’s one of the top direct marketing copy writers on earth. He’s top-flight, with chops that rank right on a par level with John Carlton.

I was combing through Michel’s blog the other day and I noticed he has a page called “Disclosure.”

I don’t know if you know . . . → Read More: Michel Fortin Covers His Butt…