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Past Blog Posts Provide Fodder for Fiction


by Uncle Alan

Whether you use your own blog, or post to Facebook, Twitter or some other social media platform, many of us communicate regularly online. I’ve pointed out before you can take these posts, gather them up, and easily put together a book. Twenty-six year old author, Shawn Michael Severud’s done just that. Severud has just released perdida: essays to be read while intoxicated, a collection of Jack Keroujac-esque essays the author admits are collected directly from his own blog posts on a broad variety of subjects, exactly as they were originally posted: devoid of capitalization of any words.

"perdida: essays to be read while intoxicated” is a collection of Jack Keroujac-esque essays the author admits are collected directly from his own blog . . . → Read More: Past Blog Posts Provide Fodder for Fiction

Q-Cards: Free Relationship-Builders For You


by Uncle Alan

I just added something cool to the Info-Publishing and Marketing Portal.

Building online relationships is about the best way to make money online today. Unfortunately, this requires frequent contact with your email list, with followers in your social networks and with visitors to your blogs, Websites and social media sites. Often, more frequent than you or I would care or are able to keep up with.

Coming up with something new to tell everyone about or point them to can be a daunting task. That, of course, is what the Info-Publishing and Marketing Portal is all about! Uncle Alan’s here to help!

One thing that can really help you with is something I call Q-Cards – photos and graphics with funny, thought-provoking . . . → Read More: Q-Cards: Free Relationship-Builders For You

Is Facebook Too Big To Beat?


– Social Media Agency White Paper Says Users Reluctant to Engage Within Multiple Networks –

by Uncle Alan

I’m pretty sure the world’s heard the term “too big to fail” far too much the past two or three years. Still, a white paper recently released by social media agency Punch Communications might indicate another “too big to fail” situation I hadn’t thought of before.

The free white paper provides some interesting reading for anyone entertaining the possibility of building any kind of specialized social network in the future.

According to the paper, the dominance of Facebook across the social media world is proof of the reluctance of many social networkers to subscribe to multiple networks. This has forced a lot of companies hoping to build . . . → Read More: Is Facebook Too Big To Beat?

The Twitter News Network?

UPI Teletype Machine

by Uncle Alan

A Reuters story recently quoted Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, who said, “From the very beginning this has seemed almost as if it’s a news wire coming from everywhere around the world …. I think a Twitter News Service would be something that would be very open and shared with many different news organizations around the world.”

Naturally, word of this idea, spoken publicly, spread quickly. Soon, reports were flying all over that a Twittter news service was eminent.

However, TechCrunch quickly followed up with a report on some tweets from Sean Garrett, the communications guy at Twitter. According to TechCrunch, Sean said Stone was “just being imaginative” and there are no real plans for a “Twitter news service.”

I personally hope . . . → Read More: The Twitter News Network?

Social Media for The Time-Deprived


by Warren Whitlock

When I started using the technologies that later became known as social media, before writing Twitter Revolution, I would have never thought there would come a time when I would get asked every day:

“How do you find the time to use social media?”

As a serial entrepreneur investing and using online connections to build my businesses, I just assumed that I’d only pursue technologies that were good for business. Playing games is not my style.

Blogging, social networking sites, online media and the tools like Twitter are not only a must have for any blog or business that wants to be found online… they will save you time when used right.

Getting Into the Conversations of Customers

At first glance, the conversations . . . → Read More: Social Media for The Time-Deprived